Repeat after me: The Rollercoaster toy is educational, the Rollercoaster toy is educational. Your child can learn colors on it, or numbers, or shapes. The three-dimensional maze of colorfully curved wires and differently shaped wooden beads challenges a kid's eye-hand coordination and is said to encourage a multitude of developmental skills. It is also a source of great fun: Kids being kids, it quickly becomes a battleground, an asteroid field, a race-car track or a 3-D version of Pac-Man. Children of different ages seem to enjoy it and, inevitably, it has wound up on at least one executive's desk -- to relieve stress, no doubt.

Rollercoaster toy. $55. Chevy Chase Shop Inc., 3807 McKinley St. NW. 966-7011. DEEP THINKING

The Titanic has been located; now is the time to pore over sepia drafting rints, replications of plans used in the construction of that tragic liner. The prints have full details, from cabin numbers, to crew quarters -- to lifeboats. Large set: two 30-by-21-inch prints, one 35-by-33-inch print. Small set: two 17-by-11-inch prints and one 18-by-17-inch print.

Titanic prints. Large $35, small $25. Add $2.50 for shipping. Order from Design Studio, Box 35, Lost River, W. Va. 26811. Mail orders only. A ROSE IS A CALORIE

Does not it seem that chocolate lovers are going to extraordinary lengths these days? Especially when they take to sending each other long-stemmed chocolate roses? These bud-shaped morsels can arrive by the dozen in a handsome florist box or they can be sent one by one, wrapped individually, for smaller, more low-calorie sentiments. They come in milk chocolate (good for happy birthdays) and dark

chocolate (for those more

intense expressions -- and you

know what we mean).

Chocolate roses. About $25 a

dozen; about $3 individually

wrapped. Available at Seibt's

Konditorei (Georgetown Park,

Tysons Corner, Springfield

Mall); Cache Pot, Seven Locks

Road, Seven Locks Plaza,

Potomac, 424-7766. Telephone

orders can be placed through

Essentially Chocolate, 387-

6994. Delivery charges vary. AROUND THE WORLD

University lecturers are wanted in Fiji, financial directors are needed in the Bahamas, and it may be time for you to seek a change of scenery. The International Employment Hotline publishes a monthly newsletter that provides current openings all over the world in nonprofit, government and private sectors, and discusses major hiring cycles overseas. If you know you have wanderlust but don't know where exactly to flee, there are also multiregional listings -- jobs for people who just plain like to travel.

Newsletter. One-year subscription, $26; six- months, $18; three-months, $13.50. Include $10 more for all foreign subscriptions. Order from International Employment Hotline, Box 6170, McLean, Va. 22106.