KIT HOUSES have been an important part of American home- building since the turn of the century. Sears popularized the concept by selling a broad range of kit homes that are familiar to us all -- the frame bungalow and the dutch colonial, among others.

After working in the kit house industry for a number of years, Jack Rogers of Bolton, Mass., decided that there was a market for a different kind of kite. Drawing inspiration from a house in Hingham, Mass., Rogers developed a series of modified Cape Cod houses, all with distinctive bowed roof trusses. Since 1971, the firm has sold 300 different Bow House kits, each adapted to the owner's special needs.

Prices of the kit range from $19,835 (plus freight) for a 1,182- square-foot home to $36,740 for a 2,563-square-foot home. Many materials must be purchased additionally on site (two by fours, drywall, kitchen appliances). The cost of hiring a contractor to construct the house must also be taken into account. Rogers estimates the total cost of construction, exclusive of land, is under $170,000, but much depends on local labor costs and the size of the house.

For further information, contact Bow House, Inc. at 617/779- 2271.