If you're still deciding which Coke is You, here's an alternative that takes moxie to try. Originally developed as a nerve tonic, Moxie became a soft drink way back in 1884 -- one year before Coke even hit the market. This bittersweet, brown-colored, lightly carbonated concoction was once the most popular pop in the Northeast. Now Moxie is here, and it's your chance to taste a legend. It is sold locally only at the Reston Farm Market, which sends drivers all the way to Allentown, Pa., to bring back cases.

Moxie. Seventy-five cents a cold one. $3.90 a six-pack. Reston Farm Market. 10800 Baron Cameron Ave., Reston (at the intersection of routes 7 and 606). 759-7272. Closed from January through March. NIGHT LIGHTS

Twinkle toes, move over. Earlobes, you're on. Watch batteries make these pulsating square, rectangular, flower-and diamond-shaped decorations light up your life. Gold, pink, violet or clear, they are not bright enough to read the menu by or to check an ID but just enough to play femme fatale. While they are the latest with preteens, they are not bad for fun-loving moms either.

Flashing earrings. $7 a pair. Genesis Department (pre-teen) at all Woodward and Lothrop stores. FLUTTER BY

Attention all social butterflies: These fans are just the ticket for stirring up Washington's proverbial hot air, whipping up immediate attention or tickling the noses of certain someones. Peek around a peacock or punctuate bon mots with fluffy blond ostrich. The hand-carved wood handles with satin ribbon wristlets prove that these are not for the polyester set.

Feather fans. Peacock, $25; ostrich, $20, plus $2 shipping. High Point Crafts, Route 2, Sky High Road, Tully, N.Y. 13159. 315/683-5312. HAUTE GINGERBREAD

First of all, understand that this is not your ordinary graham cracker and gumdrop number. Imagine, instead, the home of your dreams good enough to eat and your very own gingerbread architect to design it. The Vista International's executive pastry chef, Eileen Carlson, is now accepting "commissions" for custom- built gingerbread abodes that look just like your own home. Whether prototype brownstone or suburban ranch, Greek revival mansion or vast Victorian, you need only to present the chef with a snapshot and two weeks' notice. As with all major construction projects, ask for an estimate. Houses are priced according to number of decks, dormers, cornices and skylights.

Ready-made gingerbread houses start at $25, more for custom designs. Call The Vista International Hotel pastry shop, 429-8837.