A Green Book listing may be important to some, but the real prestige book of the year is, of course, the Panda Book. Now is the time to get rid of those names that you can barely decipher in your old

dog-eared, scratched-through address

book and, instead, give room to those

buddies who really matter. This hand-

size volume, punc

panda poses, is a nifty gift for out-of-

towners and in-towners alike. After all, cub

or no cub, Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing are

still the city's favorite pets.

The Giant Panda Address Book. $8. Available through Friends of the the National Zoo at the National Zoo gift shops. Or call 673- 4957.


No need to wait for Mother Nature: Some of the first spring flowers can begin sprouting on your lapel. These mini bud vases hold the few drops of water necessary to keep your flower looking like it was just picked. Businesswomen may want want to wear one on their favorite pin- stripe suit to soften the image; other daring damsels can try one as a floral barrette. They come in sterling silver or 14-karat gold, and each has a freshwater pearl. The smaller version is handsome simply with a sprig of baby's breath and comes with an optional gem setting at the base.

Petite flower vase pin. $69 in sterling, $289 in gold, ppd.; rose vase brooch, $89 in sterling, $495 in gold, ppd. Jewels of Pinehurst, 601 Cherokee Rd., Pinehurst, N.C. 28374-0896. Or call 919/295-2824.


It is cold and gray outside, and your house is not equipped with a fireplace. Warm the inside with this bright splash of color. Artist Jane Kinzler says her 30-by-40-foot wool wall hanging started only as a color study but ended as a color celebration. Whatever. It is certainly enough to make you feel warm all over -- and it's cheaper than a week in the Caribbean.

Rainbow wall hanging. $240. Greater Reston Arts Center, 11400 Washington Plaza West, Reston, Va. 22090. Or by appointment at the artist's studio. Call 860-8652.


Great Aunt Annie and her quilting-bee colleagues would sniff with disdain. Whoever heard of starting a quilt with beautiful new squares instead of rag-tag ends? Who would labor to produce a patchwork quilt designed by someone else? A new generation of quilters, that's who. Laura Ashley quilts achieve the old- fashioned look in a much more organized way. Choose from a full range of color-coordinated patches. You get five patterns in each packet (about 10 pieces of each pattern, for a total of about 50 pieces per packet). Five packets make a full-size quilt.

Patchwork quilt packets. $10 each. Laura Ashley, 3213 M St. NW. 338-5481. Also at Fair Oaks and White Flint.