Gone forever are most of this country's drive-in movie theaters. But the passion of those long-gone days can be relived with these designs by stained-glass artist Wendy Lewis Gordon. Note the steamy windows of the blue car, the one black shoe dangling from the orange auto and the cheek-to-cheek pair sitting up front. The two upright bodies sitting apart in the yellow coupe are -- you guessed it -- the married ones. The details of mirrored bumpers, audience speaker boxes and movie nibbles make this 2-by-3-foot piece of glass a slice of life. And you can play Hollywood mogul and request that the artist put anyone or anything on your specially designed pretend silver screen.

Stained glass drive-in. $1,500. Wendy Gordon Glass Studio, 7211 Ridgeway Dr., Manassas, Va. 22111. 703/791-3287. MOLDIE OLDIES

Journey back to a simpler time, before compact disc players and videotape machines, when all it took was a radio to turn on a whole family. Now you can sample not only "The Lone Ranger" but also "The Shadow," "The Jack Benny Show" and much more. Originally heard in the 1930s and 1940s, these clasics live on through Adventures in Cassettes, half-hour audiotapes that even include the old commercials (try Ovaltine; a five-cent Pepsi). Stock up for cross-country drives -- or for waits on the Bay Bridge.

Old radio shows. $2.49 each until Feb. 28. $4.98 regularly. Price does not include postage and handling. Adventures in Cassettes, Dept. K-103, 1401 B. West River Rd. North, Minneapolis, Minn. 55411. 800-328-0108. ($15 minimum order on toll-free number). PRETTY POINTERS

You goofed and forgot Valentine's Day -- or the florist did -- and now your Valentine is no more. Then recoup, Cupid, with these perfumed pastel pencils. The rose-scented ones are cheaper than long-stems. Hyacinth, violet, mint and sandalwood smell wonderful, too. At this price, you could splurge and present your sweetie with more than one belated bouquet. But beware, night writers: the strawberry and blueberry may cause you to pause for a midnight snack.

Perfumed pencils. Set of six with matching marbleized container, $10. La Bottega, Georgetown Park, 3222 M St. NW. 337-6328. TOASTY TOES

Got cold feet? These sneakers could change your way of looking at things, especially foul weather. Fleece-lined jogging shoes are the way to stay in shape and warm at the same time. The flared sole offers impact cushioning and good traction for snow and ice, and the warm white stuff inside protects against that cold white stuff outside.

Warm sneakers. $32.50 for low cuts, $39.50 for high tops. Whole sizes only. Norm Thompson, P.O.

Box 3999, Portland, Ore. 97208.