Your steady date has been acting elusive lately. Send him a card that will turn him into a butterfly. Or you're feeling very Hollywood, very meowish. Express your sentiments with a cat's face. Or, face facts: After the way you acted last weekend, you've got egg all over your face. Tell the world you're sunny side up now. These picture post cards make it easy to change disguises or to make statements in a directly indirect way.

Nose cards. 85 and 95 cents. Sentiments, Mazza Gallerie, 5300 Wisconsin Ave. NW. 363-3302. BARGAIN CITY

Are discount malls just too suburban for you, and Hong Kong not in your travel budget this year, either? Let your fingers do the flying to the Bargain Capital of the World. With this 1,000-page Hong Kong phone directory, you can shop for custom-made clothes and scoop up discounted designer accessories, Swiss watches, camera gear and electronic equipment. Entrepreneurs may find this book handy to locate business contacts without budging from home or suffering jet lag.

Hong Kong Yellow Pages. $39.95, plus $4.75 shipping. Impact 2000, 60 Irons St., Toms River, N.J. 08753. 800/345-4422. Order No. EHK789. SMELL GOODS

Of course you remember that Mother's Day is next Sunday and of course you probably already have a gift bought, wrapped and in the mail. But if by chance the date has slipped someone else's mind, here's a sweet way to say "I love you, Mom." The softly colored floral notes and envelopes come in three scents (iris, rose and lily) and there's even a matching sachet that promises to last longer than any Mother's Day bouquet.

Floral notes and sachet. $12 for six notes, matching envelopes and sachet. Garfinckel's stationery department. (Not at Tysons Corner or Georgetown Park). STUDENT SCRIBES

Inspire your young Wordsworth to creative heights with The Rainbow Collection, the 105 winning entries of the 1985/86 Young Writer's Contest. This paperback volume is hot off the press and a perfect companion to encourage junior novelists and poets to continue writing this summer and to be ready for the next contest (deadline: Oct. 15, 1986). The contest is open to students enrolled in grades 1 through 8. (Teachers note: Contest founders Joan Korenblit and Kathie Janger invite you and your school to plan now to take part in the fall.)

Rainbow Collection: Stories and Poetry by Young People. Vol. II.$6 including shipping (add tax for Virginians). Young Writer's Contest Foundation, Box 6092, McLean, Va. 22106. 356-0718. For contest information, send self-addressed stamped envelope to address above.