Fathers have it tough: It's hard to find strollers that are tall enough for them to push comfortably or baby paraphernalia that isn't covered with flowers and bunnies. Denver psychologist Matthew Back has produced Me & My Dad, a mail-order shopping guide that focuses on fathers. It includes everything from hard-to-find books on fathering (plus children's books that actually depict fathers acting like . . . fathers) to Kindergyms junior golf sets (to go with Dad's senior golf set), Little Tikes Bar-B-Cue Grill and "Me and My Dad" matching chef's aprons. The guide is a gold mine for Father's Day (and birthday and Christmas and Hanukah).

Me & My Dad catalogue. Free. 540 Lincoln St., Denver, Colo. 80203. 800/255-5550, ext. 185.


Want to look like a fashion plate? It's a cinch with these limited-edition belts (they're numbered, even) by French designer Cotal and Italy's Stimboli. No one would guess you didn't pick them up in Europe at the spring fashion shows. You could tell the curious that they are available just around the corner, on the top floor of Mazza Gallerie, but you don't have to. Secret: They make even wide waists look teeny and ordinary outfits superb.

Belts. $65 to $200. Elodie. Third floor, Mazza Gallerie. 686-9310.


An Egg Baker is for . . . eggs, of course. Just pop an egg (or two) into the baker and add some imagination -- your favorite herbs, cheeses, onions, even leftovers. Bake the eggs at 350 degrees for 15 or 20 minutes and serve the meal right from the oven. Creative cooks might use them for custards, mousses and other dishes, but the purist will use them for eggs and eggs alone.

Egg Baker. $9.95 for a set of two. Smile Herb Shop, 4908 Berwyn Rd., College Park, Md. 20740. 474-8791.


We always knew that reading books would pay off, but here you can hit pay dirt just by reading between the lines. Washington writer Phil Trupp is running his own treasure hunt in his new book, Tracking Treasure. Clues in the book could win you a free vacation for two on a Caribbean island or in Key West. And even if you don't win one of the big prizes (there are seven), Trupp's list of America's 27 best beaches for treasure hunting brings new meaning to beachcombing. Says Trupp, "There's no such thing as an empty beach."

Tracking Treasure: Romance & Fortune Beneath the Sea and How to Find It! $12.95 paperback, $18.95 hardback. Acropolis Books Ltd., 2400 17th St. NW. 387-6805. Also at area bookstores.