WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK The Year: 1986. The Status: Housewife. The Mission: To tell the world you work at home and are darned proud of it. Might as well give yourself credit for a hard job well done -- especially on one of those rare days when everyone else forgets to thank you. The T-shirts are designed by one who understands the rigors of the job: American housewife Lee Forman.

American Housewife Status T-Shirt. $10.50 including shipping and handling. Small, medium, large and extra large. Lee Forman Design, 1350 Beverly Rd., Suite 115A, McLean, Va. 22101. 847-0427.* TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR BABY Whether you're at the beach or just in the back yard, this portable baby rocker keeps your new arrival safe from the wind, sand, surf or the errant Frisbee, yet comfortably cool. A fabric "pocket" keeps baby in one place while he takes in the action or drifts off to dreamland. The rocker folds easily especially when it's time to carry baby home.

Baby rocker. $44.95 plus postage. Red, yellow or primary color grid on white. Order from free catalogue. Tyke Corp., Direct Mailing Dept., 1165 N. Clark St., Suite 400, Chicago, Ill. 60610. 312/664-3005. BEYOND CAT NAPS You don't have to be a cat to take a nap on this pillow; you don't even have to be a cat lover. The cover is an interesting combination of tie-dye, suede and applique'. The feline is modeled from the artist's own pet, Barney.

Cat pillow. $36 including handling and shipping. 16-by-16 inches with zippered cover. Send for "Cat-a-Card" catalogue showing other poses. Patricia Foxx, 92 Lower Wisner Rd., Warwick, N.Y. 10990. 914/986-2672.* SPREADSHEETS Keeping track of all the paperwork associated with buying a house and a car and maintaining your personal finances and health records can be mind-boggling. Papers pile up on every surface and you never can seem to remember where anything is. You have to get organized, right? Right! Tony Chiu's paperback workbooks keep all the salient facts and figures in one place and are full of helpful worksheets. Inexpensive and portable, these personal systems go with you to the bank, the car showrooms or the tax consultant. Just fill in the blanks and feel better already.

Making the Best Deal: Your Car; Making the Best Deal: Your Home; and Making the Best Deal: Your Health & Wealth by Tony Chiu. $4.95. Area bookstores.