Cookie Crazy

Looking for something different to send to your special someone? Are you tired of flowers, candy, balloons and even singing telegrams? Why not put out a contract -- a cookies contract. Now you can get today's freshly baked cookies delivered anywhere in the Washington area. We're talking big, gourmet cookies: chocolate chips, shortbread, or American Cafe's Coco Locos (coconut, chocolate and chocolate chips).

Cookie contracts. $16.95 (one bag, one time), $76.50 (three bags for three months), $96 (four bags for three months), $144 (three bags for six months), $180 (four bags for six months). American Cafe Catering. 337-3601. Ask for Brenda Tighe. Some Like It Hot

If you love to bake your own bread and pizzas, but want them to be as good as the ones the professionals make, this portable Homebaker's Hearth may give you the upper crust you've been looking for. Designed and produced by a baker, the hearth consists of a stainless steel, cookie sheet-style base that holds clay tiles; when preheated in the oven, the hearth turns your modern kitchen into an Old World baker's dream. Replacement tiles are available at minimal cost to insure lifetime use.

Homebaker's Hearth. $24.95 (16 inches by 16 inches), $27.95 (16 inches by 20 inches) including shipping and handling. Salday Products Corp., Box 2027, Rockville, Md. 20852. 340-0587. Also available at all China Closets and Woodward and Lothrop (Washington, Tyson's Corner and Chevy Chase). Basic Briefcase

If you're sick of backpacks, put your primary stuff -- all those essentials you just can't leave home without -- in one of these primary-colored, plastic briefcases. At these prices, you can have more than one and color coordinate them with your business suits. Handy for those in the back to school crowd who want a grown-up look.

Plastic Briefcase. $10. Mesmeralda's Ltd., 1339 Chain Bridge Rd., McLean, Va. 22101. 356-4494. Dog Day Afternoons Get ready for Washington's worst weather with this beach hat created especially for your pooch or kitty. It's just the right pet accessory for making the leash scene at the Vineyard or Nantucket. For a slightly higher price, hats can be custom decorated for a pet's particular personality -- or to match an owner's outfit. Remember, we don't call August the dog days for nothing.

Pet sun hat. $7.50 (5 inches), $9.50 (6 inches), $12 (8 inches). Bone Jour Cafe, 2818 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. 333-8349.