WE KNOW, WE KNOW. We've been playing around with this back page, and you want to know what's going on. Well, we're going to tell you. First there was Washington's Living Monuments -- you know, Body Parts. We liked it, you liked it. But, really, after an eight-month string of hands and feet and noses and eyeballs, it had to end before something pornographic happened when we weren't paying attention. (Besides, some of you claimed to be allergic to enlarged pores.)

So we figured we'd widen our camera angle, present scenes instead of sternums. Details of daily life, often overlooked, memorialized on our back page. The first time we found the caption writer slumped over her word processor in a stupor, we thought it was the burden of looking for cosmic significance in quotidian detail. The next time it happened, we realized there was nothing wrong with the photos, but the concept was, well, vague.

So here we are, poised on the brink of a new back page. And this time we really mean it. The concept is Groups, which will feature the photographs of Neal Slavin. Follow Groups closely, beginning next week, and you need never be lonely again.