You don't have to tramp through the woods to get a rash; a tiptoe might do it. If you break a stem, berry, vine or leaf even slightly, the toxin, urushiol, will ooze out.

Each time you get poison ivy, you become more susceptible to it.

You can contract poison ivy without ever touching the plant. Urushiol can be picked up from shoes, trousers or any clothing that has brushed through poison ivy.

If you get poison ivy on your clothes, wash them as soon as possible. Any laundry soap is effective, although there was a time when brown soap was highly recommended for no apparent reason. And remember: There's some evidence that even washing and ironing won't remove the toxins.

Your pets can't get poison ivy, but they can pass it on to you.

When poison ivy is burned, you can get poison ivy in your lungs by inhaling the smoke. That irritation is said to be extremely painful.

You can't drown poison ivy. It is still potent after being under water for a year.

You can't boil it to death, either. If you put it in a pot for three hours, there will still be enough toxin in the plant to cause a reaction.