REMEMBER FINKS? THOSE POOR unfortunates who were so dubbed by their classmates in another era, especially in the early '60s, because they hiked their pants up under their armpits, always wore hats in cold weather and inevitably carried lunch boxes with thermoses and celery sticks? Well, they're still out there, but they're not called finks anymore, or even jerks or drips.

Teen-agers, creative even in their cruelty, have developed a whole new set of nouns with which to dub the "out" group. But if you are a teen-ager, and you hear yourself referred to by one of the terms below, have no fear. You will have your revenge: You will have movies made about your having your revenge; you will run the world, while your present-day tormentors deliver coffee to you and sharpen your pencils. dolf. A nerd or a dork (Heather Bowen, Sterling). dweeb. An undesirable person, such as one who visits your house just to raid your refrigerator (John Leonard, Bethesda). funk. Someone who is totally uncool but who thinks he is the coolest in the world (Heather Lonergan, Frederick). gump. A pesky, snobby, preppy nerd (Denise Terry's seventh- and eighth-grade English classes at the Sidwell Friends School). lunch box. Someone who is dumb (Audrey Ford, Washington). poser (po-zur). Jargon used by skateboarders (skaters) to describe someone who is trying to be cool but isn't (Clark Sessions and Deirdre Powell, Fredericksburg). Linguistic observers are invited to send examples of teen-age slang to: J Street, The Washington Post Magazine, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071