HOLD EVERYTHING. GET OUT THE erasers and wipe the slate clean. The old order is out, the new order is in: School is back. Throw out those stale, antediluvian slang words . . . of two weeks ago. Bumpin'? Who ever heard of it? Sike? Totally yesterday. New code words are being shouted in locker rooms and study halls, new notes are being passed, new insults hurled. These just in from the front:

From Silver Spring, via Rob Vinegar: dudemando n. (doodmandoe) Dude or man, as in "Hey, dudemando, s'appenin'?" jingus adj. Bogus or bad, as in "Aw dud, that new drinking law is totally jingus." touron n. A tourist, usually an annoying one. wedge n. Food, munchies, fodder, as in "I'm hungry, let's get some wedge."

From Purcellville, Va., via Martha Johnson: ace-high adj. The best, first-rate, as in "His reputation is ace-high." drop some iron v. Spend some money, as in "We dropped some iron at the mall Saturday." nervous pudding n. Molded gelatin, as in "The school cafeteria is always serving nervous pudding." upper story n. The brain, the mind, as in "He has definite shortcomings in the upper story." Linguistic observers are invited to send examples of teen-age slang to: J Street, The Washington Post Magazine, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071.