in school, they have, of course, turned their attention to mastering their math homework and bringing their science project to an early and non-explosive conclusion. Right? Nah. We know better. They still have those timeless concerns -- clothes, looks, hair and partying. Take their words for it: deffest adj. Best, coolest, as in "That new disc you got is deffest" (Quela and Justin Robinson, Herndon). gel v. Relax, take a breather, rest, as in "Let's gel and go skate later" (Tim Johnson, Clifton). guns n. Muscles, as in "I'm pumpin' weights so I can get some guns" (Keith Moody, Herndon). melba adj. Strange or unusual, as in "Those are melba shoes" (Mindi McGrath, Charlotte Hall, Md.). most adj. Greatest in amount, deliberately used incorrectly to put emphasis on another adjective, as in "Her new haircut is so short, she looks most bald" (Tiffany Mills, Fort Washington). seven digits n. Telephone number, as in "She was so cute I went up to her and asked her for her seven digits" (Aaron Perlson, Takoma Park). smokin' adj. Looking great, as in "I saw this smokin' shirt at the Limited" (LaShona Rahman, Baltimore). Linguistic observers are invited to send examples of teen-age slang to: J Street, The Washington Post Magazine, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071.