seeking to aid the Nicaraguan contras have become exceptionally creative in coping with the confines of the Boland Amendment: secret Swiss bank accounts, Eugene Hasenfus' Flight to Nowhere, and now . . . some fine art for the men of the resistance camps.

Meet Bo, the contras' pinup girl. Bo, 22, nee Crissa Bozlee, says she couldn't be prouder that the nude and semi-nude posters of her posing with automatic weapons are said to be hot items in Nicaragua's rebel camps.

Bo has been displaying her assets and ammo since 1983, when she became a regular fixture at the annual conventions of Soldier of Fortune magazine. She was especially delighted when two conventioneering contra soldiers approached her two years ago seeking signed posters for themselves -- and their commandante. Since then, she has dedicated her art to the cause. "I was thinking while I was making the last poster," she says, "what if this poster could brighten the day of the men fighting this crucial war? Let me make this a GREAT one -- for the contras."

Bo's politics, not surprisingly, mirror those of her Svengali, survivalist/porn king Chuck Traynor, who previously masterminded the careers of Linda ("Deep Throat") Lovelace and Marilyn ("Behind the Green Door") Chambers. "Bo really believes in the anti-communist movement," says Traynor, "and she's not just a pretty girl on a poster. She's been trained as a parachutist, a scuba diver. She's certified by the NRA as a weapons instructor and is quite competent with a wide range of sophisticated automatic weapons."

Despite his own tendency to bill Bo as the contra pinup girl, Traynor was initially cautious about discussing the export of Bo's posters to sensitive points south.

"We get requests from all over the world," says Traynor. "ALL over. Can I say there are some in Nicaragua? Sure. But I don't think I can say how they got there. As you know, we as Americans can't give direct military aid to the contras. And I think this {the posters} might fall into that category."

Currently, Traynor is promoting something he calls "A Few Days in the Woods With Bo." Bo will accompany 10 or 15 paying students on four days' survival training in the "picturesque Pecos wilderness of central New Mexico." She will help with pathfinding. Unarmed combat techniques. Basic survival. If necessary, she will eat tree bark.

She says the tough stuff comes quite naturally. Growing up in Carmel, Calif., she shot with her father, a commercial artist, gun buff and survivalist who gave her a .22 Ruger Bearcat pistol when she was 5. But she says she never knew the thrill of automatic fire until age 17, when she met Traynor.

"Chuck showed me the Uzi, and two days later, I went to a machine- gun competition and placed. Beat all these guys."

Still, she's found that most men don't resent her weapons prowess. Hundreds of them have anted up $39.95 for Bo's video, "The Last Drop." It features Bo, in the desert, field-stripping, reassembling and firing an M60 machine gun. But unlike most fighting men, Bo gets naked to lock and load.