REGULAR READERS MAY RECALL that the "Say Wha" Word of the Month for January was bus head -- the condition precipitated by long trips on the school bus and characterized by a hairdo gone awry. Other teens, no deadheads themselves, immediately poured forth with an imaginative set of similar expressions. The formula seems simple and potentially prolific: root word + suffix "head" = instant slang.

bed head n. A person who looks like he just woke up (Ann Marenick, Woodbridge).

bow head n. A girl in the popular clique who wears Forenza bows in her hair (note: Her male counterpart is called a bow hunk. Although he does not actually wear a bow, he does associate with bow heads) (Rachel Duggins and Andy Smirz, Bowie).

gear head, var. motor head n. A person who spends altogether too much time working on, buying accessories for and polishing his car (John Wall, Falls Church).

hat head n. The ring or crease in a person's hair caused by a hat; this condition is most often observed in baseball players and red necks (Ann Marenick, Woodbridge).

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