SINCE THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE with the Redskin organization who cannot get along with Christine Brennan while they can get along with other reporters, perhaps she does have a problem. The problem is very apparent. She is obnoxious (Webster's Merriam pocketbook dictionary, Page 484).

NFL rules notwithstanding, a woman in a men's locker room, regardless of the hour, is an intrusion. If a woman bounded in on me while I was in a state of undress, I'd belt her in the mouth, even if she was carrying a large note pad to minimize her obvious voyeuristic (Webster's Merriam pocketbook dictionary, Page 778) tendencies.

Brennan can't have it both ways. Dave Butz, Mr. Dave Butz, a real gentleman, was treating her like a lady. Like it or not, she is a woman, and some of us still persist in treating women as ladies even while we respect their right to do any job they have the ability to do.

FRED MADDENS Millersville, Md.


article on the Redskins, and I was struck by how well written and reported it was. I was so impressed that I checked to see who had written it. I was surprised to see it was a woman, because I couldn't remember reading an article on football by a woman before.

I know that jocks can be a real pain in the neck even to other males, and I could only imagine how they would treat any "skirt" whose job included doing unflattering stories about them. I knew before reading Christine Brennan's story in The Magazine that she had to be a tough professional to both overcome the crap and report as well as she did.JEFF PORRO Washington, D.C.


8-year-old daughter, who is a prodigious reader but does not normally turn to The Washington Post Magazine, without any suggestion or prompting from me read Christine Brennan's article {"My Three Years Covering the Redskins," Jan. 24} from start to finish with obvious fascination. I later did the same, and I want to compliment her on the clean, clear writing that spoke to two generations. LANCE COMPA Takoma Park


your other writers can string a subject, verb and predicate together, they can capture and hold attention, and they can even entertain. I hope Brennan does go on to assignments she really wants, but so far it seems the high point of her career was getting into a football team's locker room. DAVID E. ELLIS Annandale


over the past few years I have become very suspicious of their management (I feel many players -- Mark Moseley, Mark Murphy, Babe Laufenberg and Doug Williams -- have been treated shabbily by the organization after many years of loyal service, not to mention great, game-winning performances). Therefore, Christine Brennan's story just verified my gut feeling about that part of the organization. I was surprised to read about the way in which she has been treated by some members of the organization and very happy to know that some of my favorites (Doug Williams, Dave Butz) have treated her with respect. I'm convinced, as I'm sure she is, that most of her problems are because she is female as opposed to her being unqualified.GAYLE B. MANSUY Fairfax

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