BENJAMIN FORGEY'S ARTICLE ON ROCK Creek Park {August 12} conjured up a vivid memory that had remained filed away in my mind for the better part of 23 years.

In October 1967, my family and I arrived at National Airport from our homeland of Cuba. My uncle picked us up at the terminal to take us to our new apartment in Takoma Park. With six of us crammed into his '66 VW Beetle, he drove leisurely along winding, scenic Rock Creek Parkway. I gazed wide-eyed at the lush landscape unfolding around me. Autumn beamed in full splendor, and the leaves formed a beautiful palette of maroon, red, brown, green and yellow tones I had never before seen. Splendid, yet subtle; elegant, but simple; colorful, and at the same time, natural. And combined with it all was a certain intangible that I later learned was the feeling of autumn.

Eventually we arrived at the city streets, and the sights, smells and sounds of Rock Creek Park faded from my sight. It will be a long time, however, before they fade from my mind. JUAN J. HERNANDEZ Chantilly


Benjamin Forgey touched on so many different aspects of Rock Creek Park, but he neglected to mention one: the romantic nature of the park.

His excellent article stirred up beautiful memories for me of a perfect summer evening in June 1958, when my future husband proposed to me there. MARILYN HESS ROSE Bethesda

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