A. Owner Randy Zeibert says he goes through about 10,000 of the juicy, green garlic bombs each week.

B. Palm manager Tommy Jacome says seafood lovers eat between 40 and 50 of the 4- to 6-pound crustaceans daily.

C. We're not kidding: $3,600 for a half-bottle, and it goes great with dessert, says Tiberio Ristorante owner Guilio Santillo. And why not a good cigar too? For 40 bucks more you can have a genuine, pre-Castro Havana.

D. "Gus," Blackie's meat manager, says it's 30,000 pounds of beef, and we're not going to argue.

E. About 800 people, including recent addition Barbara Bush, have their photographs on the Occidental walls, according to Manager Michael Nevarez.

F. About 500, and don't think they're all for cheap guzzling. The 12-ounce bottle of 1983 Thomas Hardy English Ale is $24.95, and meant to be sipped like fine wine, according to Brickskeller owner Maurice Coja.

G. Manager Mark Prati says the white, "chicken-like" meat of this toothsome critter has become a perennial favorite of Dominique's customers, who eat 75 pounds a week.

H. Some 30 types, though fugu, a Japanese puffer fish whose flesh can be deadly if its toxic entrails aren't properly removed, is not among them. But not to worry: Takesushi's master chef is licensed to prepare it, and manager Albert Lee says he's willing to have it shipped from Japan for an adventuresome customer. No takers so far.