THE MAN BEHIND THE SEEN: Ernest L. Myers, 67, barber to former D.C. police chief and current Republican mayoral candidate Maurice Turner Jr., known as "Joe" to his friends. CREDENTIALS: Master barber. Owner of the five-chair Eagle Barber Shop, 2800 Georgia Ave. NW -- where he began barbering in 1949 -- since^Z1982. And Turner's barber "since Joe was a little boy {12, Turner says} and he lived down the street." OTHER CLIENTS: National^ZUrban League President John^ZJacobs, Redskins Assistant General Manager Bobby Mitchell, past presidents of Howard University and gen-^Zerations of several families on the Hilltop, including Turner's; Myers counts Turner's father and his 19-year-old son, Maurice, as clients too. MYERS'S EARLY IMPRESSIONS OF TURNER: "His daddy^Zbrought him in here. He got the kind of cut his daddy expected him to get: close around the sides and about half off the top. They call it the fade now, but it's the same haircut." THE CUT TURNER GETS NOW: An $8 regular. WHY TURNER NEVER GETS A SHAVE: "He doesn't trust^Zme with a razor around his^Zneck!" says Myers with a broad smile. WHY TURNER DOESN'T GET A HAIR STYLIST: "My roots are right here on this street . . . My ego is not such that I have to go find another barber. We have a good time in this barber shop. It's a family barber^Zshop." WHAT MYERS AND TURNER TALK ABOUT: "Everything^Zwholesome," says Myers. "We like to fish, and we fish in the same area for rock, trout and blues. We also talk about hunting and, of course, about the Redskins." TURNER'S VOW: "After I become mayor and straighten out this city, I'm going to go fishing once a week." MYERS'S OBSERVATION: "It's going to take longer than four years to straighten out this city."