If you've ever wanted to tape your beloved's mouth shut, this may be for you.

Mouth Peace/Mouth Piece is the creation of Tom Woods, a 73-year-old Falls Church travel agent who searched for years for a solution to his snoring. "I tried all sorts of things," he says. "I took a tennis ball and inserted it in the back of my pajamas so if I slept on my back it would make me turn over -- that didn't work."

But thanks to the ingenuity of his late wife, whose frequent hospital visits brought her into close contact with a wide variety of adhesive tapes, he has something he says does work.

The device is a special piece of adhesive tape that fits over the mouth and -- by preventing the snorer from breathing through the mouth -- eliminates the rolling thunder.

Woods markets the sticky bits at $17.99 per pack of 90 (phone 703-237-0007), and has found they have other uses.

"Singers, for instance -- they rest their voices, go out in the wind and put it over their mouths to protect them from the weather. And we had one yesterday, a lady who called up and said she had used it with her son to stop him from thumb-sucking."

All of which has taught Woods this: "Keeping their mouth closed is a problem to a lot of people."