Comes now the Most Beautiful Lady in the World Foundation Inc., of Seaside Heights, N.J., with a question we can't say no to: "DOES LADY LIBERTY DESERVE AN ANTHEM?"

In the foundation's words: "The two immigrant Calabrese brothers think it does. So why is the House Bill HR 2776, which designates their song -- 'The Most Beautiful Lady in the World' -- as the official anthem of the Statue of Liberty still sitting in a House Committee?"

Well, actually, it was sitting in committee when the 101st Congress ad- journed, so technically -- there's no gentle way to put this -- it's dead un- less it's reintroduced next year.

All the more important, then, to report that Helmut Christopher Calabrese and Paul Lutz Calabrese are asking citizens everywhere to urge their representatives to support the song they wrote in 1986, when everybody was excited about the statue's centennial.

You probably haven't heard it. Although it was sung that year during the big July 4th celebration and at the statue's rededication October 28, the lady's actual birthday, it wasn't on television. And because it's not commercial, the Calabreses -- preschoolers when their Italian family immigrated in 1962, after some time in Germany -- haven't gotten much interest from publishers and recording studios.

"Will their efforts go unnoticed in today's busy world?" asks the foundation. "So far they have. Maybe the song does not sound loud enough for people to hear it. Maybe a song praising liberty is not essential for the progress and development of Democracy. Maybe the country or the world has little use for the belief that a song can capture the essence of freedom, liberty, and democracy."

Say it isn't so.

We wish we could hum a few bars. But a few words will have to do:

Lady, the most beautiful in the world

You will take care of all those

Who look up to you

For a chance to be free

You know where those representatives live.