JUAN WILLIAMS DOES AN EXCELLENT job capturing the paradoxes and hypocrisies of Sen. Jesse Helms and his conservative supporters {"Carolina Gothic," October 28}.

These conservatives would define "conservatism" in the very terms they want to shirk. Helms stalwart Ann Frazier espouses her so-called "traditional values" by defending the senator's attempt to defeat anti-discrimination protection for people with AIDS: "He was trying to get protection for the public because the public can't know what is going on behind the wall in a restaurant." Would she think to consider that most traditional value, compassion? Predictability. Certainty. Those are the values Helms seeks to preserve. JOHN-MANUEL ANDRIOTE Washington

FOR A JOURNALIST WHO SCORNS WHAT he perceives as Sen. Jesse Helms's stereotypes, particularly of blacks and women, Juan Williams freely indulges in a few of his own throughout his critique.

The most objectionable was his attempt to portray every Helms supporter as a racist. He claims that those seen as threatening "traditional" values include people from out of state (particularly Northerners), universities and big cities, blacks, women who don't want to be housewives, people who believe abortion is a personal decision, gays, trade unionists and anyone willing to fight for social equality. In other words, North Carolina values are boiled down to those held by uneducated, rural white males or white housewives who vilify Yankees and oppose blacks, unions, gays, working women and social equality.

North Carolina-born and a female professional who isn't content simply to be a domestic, I am, despite Mr. Williams's typecasting, an ardent Helms admirer, and I strongly resent his biased depiction of Helms's backers. If I were still a resident of my great state, I would vote for Sen. Helms because I believe North Carolina will continue to prosper if the policies of the Republican Party are pursued. MARGARET CALHOUN Alexandria

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