1. "I'm president of the United States."

-- George Bush, on why he doesn't have to eat his broccoli.

2. "Bitch set me up!"

-- Marion Barry, on how he came to be arrested on drug charges in the Vista Hotel.

3. "The numbers are a moving crap game."

-- District Association of Realtors President Dale Denton, on how his organization happened to report a 6.2 percent increase in third-quarter home sales when city records show they fell 21.7 percent.

4. "I never opened any tax notice. That mail is left on the sideboard until he gets home. That's his responsibility."

-- D.C. Delegate-elect Eleanor Holmes Norton, explaining why she and her husband hadn't filed District income taxes since 1982.

5. "I simply did not get around to it. In my head, I was letting my money sit around in someone else's pocket."

-- Edward Norton, on why he and his wife hadn't filed District income taxes since 1982.

6. "I'm not going to deny . . . what the policy was, but I'm going to say to you that there are probably 312,000 cables or so that go out under my name as secretary of state."

James A. Baker, on why, eight days before the invasion of Kuwait, his ambassador in Baghdad was reassuring Saddam Hussein that the United States had no opinion about his border dispute with Kuwait.

7. "I could understand a quasar 15 billion light years away, but I couldn't understand the boy that's now within the man."

-- Former American University president Richard Berendzen, on why he made a series of obscene telephone calls.

8. "First of all, I didn't know that much about financial institutions."

Neil Bush, explaining why he didn't do anything wrong during his service as a director of the now-defunct Silverado Banking, Savings and Loan Association.

9. "They have asked me if I would allow my name to be used."

Then-Montgomery County Executive Sidney Kramer, explaining why he was running for reelection as a write-in even though he was defeated in the Democratic primary.

10. "But you know, sometimes you run into some realities."

-- George Bush, on why he was accepting a tax increase despite his campaign promise.