NAME: Sharon Pratt Dixon, mayor-elect, Washington, D.C.

VITAL STATISTICS: 46, divorced, mother of two. Shoe size -- 7 1/2; dress size -- 8; height -- 5 feet 2 1/2 inches ("Short people cling to that half-inch").

THOUGHTS ON HER SIZE: "Being such a strong-willed personality, sometimes it's to my advantage that I come in such a small package . . . No matter how miffed a man might get when I assert myself, he's going to look down at me and say, 'Well, how tough can she be?' "

GUILTY PLEASURE: "Clothes! Clothes! Clothes!"

FAVORITE DESIGNER: Daughter and Rhode Island School of Design graduate Aimee Dixon, who designed Dixon's gown for this week's inaugural. Look for it to incorporate red, her favorite color.



SECRET PASSION: Actor Denzel Washington.

CAN'T-MISS TV SHOW: "In Living Color."

MUSICAL TASTE: Eclectic. CD's include "The Best of Jerry Butler," "Mozart's Greatest Hits," "Johnny Mathis' 16 Most Requested Hits," Phyllis Hyman's "Living All Alone," Luther Vandross's "Any Love."

OUTSIDE READING: Daily Word inspirational magazine -- because, "You've got to keep life in perspective."

BIGGEST PAIN IN THE NECK: Having a police escort now.

BEST PERSONAL QUALITY: "You couldn't get a more loyal friend. I'd go to -- what's the expression? -- to hell in a handbasket . . . to the last mile, for a friend."

BEST FRIEND: Baby sister, Benaree "Bennie" Pratt Wiley, of Boston.

SECRET FLAW: "I'm a little too vain . . . I admit that I'm heading over the top of the hill, but in the past men found me reasonably attractive . . . The aging process is not something I'm too thrilled about."

WHAT SURPRISES PEOPLE ABOUT HER: "How shy I am. Social situations aren't easy for me. When people are competing with me for a camera -- they got it."

FAVORITE DAYDREAM: "Finding a vacation home and decorating it . . . I'd have a real formal dining room -- not too big, though. Part of me would love to have it in a tropical location, but it can't be too far away. I can't afford one now -- but considering my life, maybe I can't afford not to have one."