You've seen her on TV a zillion times. She pounds on a door -- Anybody home? -- to no effect. She peeks in the window and gets growled at by a lap dog. She trudges back to a waiting taxi and breaks a heel. Some days you can't give it away! she grouses. And apparently she can't: We're outta here, she snaps, and they are.

And then, finally, a guy wrapped in a bath towel emerges from the house.

Just another visit from Lady Luck, a k a Melanie Mac- Queen, the Virginia Lottery's woman in white, known and loved by couch potatoes as the premier dispenser of good fortune in the Old Dominion.

"Actually, I live in Los Angeles," she confides. "The commercials were filmed in California. . . . But I did a promotional tour of Virginia last January and visited Roanoke, Richmond, Norfolk and several other cities. The ad agency took a great picture of me with a businessman on the street. He was looking at me as if I were a shopping bag lady or insane person."

MacQueen has done several lottery ads, including one in which a no-nonsense desk sergeant asks her to describe her lost magic wand (I don't know. It's a star on a stick) and another in which a blue-collar Romeo hits on her at a greasy spoon (Do I know you? Nice wand).

"We needed a Lady Luck that wasn't glamorous, but rather one that was a hard worker -- someone who had been around the block a few times," says senior account executive Connie Westerman of Norfolk's Lawler Ballard Advertising. "Melanie fills the bill perfectly."

Speaking of around the block -- if MacQueen looks familiar, it's probably because of her appearances on such TV shows as "Night Court" and "Ferris Bueller." She's also plugged numerous products, including Kellogg's Honey Grahams and Tropicana Twisters.

"You might have seen me recently in a commercial for Little Caesar's Pizza," she says. "A delivery man is bringing a pizza loaded with extra meat to a door marked 'Vegetarian Society.' When he opens the door, everyone inside lets out a scream of horror. You have to look quickly, but I'm the vegetarian in the middle."