I AM SO VERY TIRED OF READING ARTIcles about John Sununu and his legendary "intelligence" {"The Washington Chain-Saw Massacre," December 2}. Every writer seems to make this an obligatory theme in their profile. However, "kinder and gentler" has gone the way of "no new taxes." Should this man be running our president's policy?

I hope that in the future the considerable intellect of Sens. Bradley, Mitchell and Sarbanes might be featured. Given their compassion and importance in the current Congress, they would make for better copy than an appointee with a profound nastiness who happens to be able to solve Mensa and magazine puzzles. Is Sununu a "point of light"? JACK SCLAR Frederick, Md.

AS A LIBERAL MASSACHUSETTS DEMOcrat, I would watch John Sununu from the other side of the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border. He was never one of my favorite politicians. My distaste for him grew here, in Washington, D.C., upon hearing the stories of his political tactics.

Suddenly, while reading the December 2 edition of the Magazine, my deepest suspicions of Mr. Sununu were realized. There, in black and white, on Page 18, a New Englander was admitting that he liked -- ugh, gasp, horror -- the YANKEES! I tremble when I write it now. How fitting that he should root for a team more hated in New England than almost any other. For many years, almost nothing has been more enjoyable to a true Red Sox fan than watching the Yankees lose.

As I reflect on this startling discovery, I realize that DCites have another reason to dislike Mr. Sununu. He's a Giants fan too! KERRY E. DOYLE Washington

HIS INCONSIDERATE BEHAVIOR AND IN-ability to listen relay to me that John Sununu has only half the qualities needed to be of any use to public service or the president. Like any individual who is not mature or whole enough to extend beyond their own playground, Mr. Sununu doesn't even recognize he has no sense to go along with his intelligent mind -- his behavior and attitude are a reflection on the president, and his playground is obviously too small to encompass the interests of more than a few.

He's another intelligent elitist on the Washington scene, the kind that will take his ball and go home as soon as the game doesn't go his way. Perhaps your writer missed the real message Sununu was relaying in his insistence that he won't be homeless! JACKIE PALMER Pomfret, Md.

IN "THE WASHINGTON CHAIN-SAW MASsacre," Eleanor Randolph states that the title of John Sununu's PhD thesis was "Flow of a High Temperature, Variable Viscosity Fluid at Low Reynolds Number" and that "translated" this means that the dissertation was about fluids flowing through pipes and pipelines.

Oh, come on! Someone is obviously pulling someone's leg. Now that Sununu and his "translator" have had their little joke, I would suggest that Miss Randolph let us know what the subject of Sununu's thesis really is! BURLING LOWREY Washington BARRY BOOSTERISM

I FEEL I HAVE BEEN VERY REMISS IN not acknowledging sooner the pleasure and laughter Dave Barry's column "Wit's End" has brought me over the years.

However in the December 2 edition, he outdid himself. He had me laughing so loud and hard I almost fell out of my chair. London must be a barrel of fun.

I wish to express my appreciation to Dave Barry for the laughs, laughs, laughs he has brought me. GUS ZOREF Kensington

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