Could it really be two years ago today that George Bush took the oath? Could roughly the same time have passed since Barbara announced that literacy would be her special White House cause? Could there be a connection between these two events? You be the judge.

George on the Eastern Airlines pilots strike, March 7, 1989: "I still feel that the best answer is a head-on-head, man-to-man negotiation between the union and the airline."

On then-drug czar William Bennett's assignment, March 7, 1989: "But I've tasked Bill. I've said, 'Bill, work the problem.' "

On import laws, March 31, 1989: "I can't think of any new existing law that's in force that wasn't before."

To members of Ducks Unlimited, June 8, 1989: "It's time to stand the history of wetlands destruction on its head."

To a high school student who inquired about getting other countries' ideas on education, February 2, 1990: "Well, I'm going to kick that one right into the end zone of the secretary of education. But, yes, we have all -- he travels a good deal, goes abroad. We have a lot of people in the department that does that. We're having an international -- this is not as much education as dealing with the environment -- a big international conference coming up. And we get it all the time -- exchanges of ideas."

After defending his China policy at a press conference, May 24, 1990: "So, I'm glad you asked it because then I vented a spleen here."

Welcoming participants to the economic summit, July 9, 1990: "A new world of freedom lays before us."