hen the going gets tough, the tough had damn well better understand each other. And they do, because they have the Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, cited of late by Gen. Colin L. Powell while briefing the press. A few choice words:

BINGO -- 1. When originated by pilot, means, "I have reached minimal fuel for safe return to base or to designated alternate." 2. When originated by controlling activity, means, "Proceed to alternate airfield or carrier as specified."

CHICKS -- Friendly fighter aircraft.

DRONE -- A land, sea, or air vehicle that is remotely or automatically controlled.

FABRICATOR -- Individuals or groups who, without genuine resources, invent information or inflate or embroider over news for personal gain or for political purposes.

FAKER -- A friendly aircraft simulating a hostile in an air defense exercise.

GOLDIE LOCK -- The term, peculiar to air support radar team operations, indicating ground controller has electronic control of the aircraft.

GULL -- In electronic warfare, a floating radar reflector used to simulate a surface

target at sea for deceptive


NIGHT CAP -- Night combat air patrol (written NCAP).

SQUIRT -- In air-to-air refueling, a means of providing visual detection of a nearby aircraft. In practice this is achieved by the donor aircraft dumping fuel and/or the receiver aircraft selecting afterburners, if so equipped.

STRANGLE -- A code meaning, "Switch off equipment indicated."

STRIP SEARCH -- Reconnaissance along a straight line between two given reference points.