New meanings, from the Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms:

BENT -- In air intercept and close air support, a code meaning, "Equipment indicated is inoperative (temporarily or indefinitely)."

BOGEY -- An air contact which is unidentified but assumed to be enemy. (Not to be confused with UNKNOWN.)

CONFUSED -- In air inter- cept, a term meaning, "Individual contacts not identi- fiable."

DUCK -- In air intercept, a code meaning, "Trouble headed your way" (usually followed by "bogey, salvos," etc.).

NO JOY -- In air intercept, a code meaning, "I have been unsuccessful," or "I have no information."

PANCAKE -- In air intercept, a code meaning, "Land," or, "I wish to land" (reason may be specified; e.g., "pancake ammo," "pancake fuel").

PURPLE -- In air intercept, a code meaning, "The unit indicated is suspected of carrying nuclear weapons" (i.e., "purple VB").

SCRAM -- In air intercept usage, a code meaning, "Am about to open fire. Friendly units keep clear or get clear of indicated contact, bogey or area." Direction of withdrawal may be indicated. Type of fire may be indicated (e.g., scram proximity: "Am about to open fire with proximity-fuzed am- munition"; scram mushroom: "Am about to fire a special weapon").

SPOOFER -- In air intercept, a code meaning, "A contact employing electronic or tactical deception measures."

UNKNOWN -- 1. A code meaning information not available. 2. An unidentified target.