Our story so far: Back in March, Freddy Williams joined bigSEXY and other deejay buddies in Miami for a music conference. His friends were already in party mode by the time Freddy arrived. To catch up on earlier episodes, go to www.washingtonpost.com/freddy.

Episode 15

Freddy steps into the dining room at Bambule, a Mediterranean tapas restaurant on Wisconsin Avenue in Northwest Washington.

"FRE-DAAY," says Arash Davachi, Freddy's longtime friend, whose jet-black hair is pulled tight into a short ponytail. The two men shake hands and hug while a couple of other customers nod hello to Freddy. He makes the rounds, saying hello to two, three, four people.

"You want to sit on the couches?" asks Davachi, who owns the restaurant.

He points to a cluster of furniture at the front of the restaurant. Yeah, Freddy says. They are barely situated when a pretty waitress offers Freddy a drink. She's new here, so Freddy introduces himself and orders sangria. "Thank you," he calls out.

Haven't you two met? Davachi asks suggestively.

No, Freddy replies. "She's got blond hair, blue eyes. I've sworn those off," Freddy says with a laugh. He was once married to a Swedish woman.

Tuesday nights are slow at the restaurant, Davachi explains. That's why he invites his friends to hang out. "We have dinner together, a few drinks, and then we go out together." Most importantly, "we just sit here and jone on one another," he says, using a slang term, particular to Washington, that means to verbally harass. The jone-ing begins when a newcomer, also a longtime friend of Freddy's, takes a seat. He doesn't want his name printed in the Adventures of Freddy.

"Refer to me as an ambiguous white man," he advises. "I cannot be associated with Freddy. I have a wife, two kids, a job and dogs to protect."

Laughing, Freddy applauds the quip. Moments later, Davachi picks up his phone. "Hello," he says. He looks at the ambiguous white man and whispers: "It's your wife. She wants to know if you're here." For a second, the AWM blanches -- he's not supposed to be out partying -- then realizes that he's the butt of a joke.

Soon a great fortress of a man plops himself amid the growing bunch. It's bigSEXY, one of Freddy's deejay buddies. BigSEXY, whose real name is Alex Gray, has brought his new girlfriend. Another friend, Marie Kodalova, a graduate student at George Mason University, also takes a seat.

Everyone is jone-ing and eating and drinking, until Freddy spots a man with long black dreads at the bar. Oh no, Freddy says to Davachi. The dude with the dreads is H.Q. Robinson, a local artist and a regular at the restaurant. A few weeks ago, Robinson invited Freddy and the gang to attend his art show. He even gave them complimentary tickets. Freddy promised he'd attend. "But none of us went," Freddy says. Now, Freddy is anticipating a heavy guilt trip.

From the far side of the room, Robinson calls out, "Freddy wasn't there. Arash wasn't there."

Freddy hears this and pops an obscene but affectionate gesture. Robinson laughs and comes over to invite Freddy to another art show.

-- Tyler Currie