Q: Now that plastic surgery, tattooing, body piercing and the like have been embraced by the masses, what new frontier of body enhancement and/or alteration do we have to look forward to from the celebs?

Nina G. Fiore, Burke

A: New York fashion editors keep declaring "the return of pretty" to be underway each season (they wish), yet the body-altered era of sleaze glam rolls on.

The next frontier for celebrities, I think, is figuring out new ways to not look like their original selves, and to never rest with one image. Gone is the era of the trademark look. I don't mean this in a Michael Jackson all-new-face way, but in a Christina Aguilera way: Very often, the struggling pop princess will show up at an event in such a different guise from her original (or more recent) look that even the paparazzi are momentarily stumped. The desired affect is something like: Who is . . . ? She's . . . Wait. Is that . . . ? Oh!

Celebrities want that reaction every day, and soon, so will our teenage daughters. New hair color, length, style (none of it real hair); new skin tone; new eye color; different lips; completely other styles of clothes. The celebrity's new "look" must never outlast the promotion phase of her latest film or music product. (In this regard, J. Lo and Madonna are old-fashionedly consistent; their looks sometimes last months.)

Also, celebrities will someday wise up to the unnecessarily hard work of playing makeup-intensive roles in expensive movies that take up to a year to film. Look for them to soon skip appearing in these often financially risky productions and arrive at award shows dressed as the Cat in the Hat, a Marvel Comics mutant or Virginia Woolf, for one appearance only. It will be like Halloween every night; garish and very momentary.

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