Sometimes i feel more like a cheerleader, or a psychiatrist, as opposed to someone's trainer or [physical] therapist. You can't separate their body from their spirit from their mind. And there's a lot of emotional baggage, for different reasons, that people carry in. If you don't deal with those issues, you're not going to get this person's body to where they want it to go. You can't just say, "Oh, I'm going to just show you how to lift weights or work on machines or work on a stability ball," and not have some of your advice cross over into the psychological issues.

I had a woman who recently came to me -- she's had leg pain from a broken pelvis for 45 years, down this one side. And I just said to her, "How do you deal with that every day?" And she rated her pain as, like, a four on a scale of zero to 10. So four is, like, mild to moderate pain. And she was, like, "I've just gotten used to it." But, I know it has to be a drain on her. We finally [did] some strengthening movements and things that people hadn't done with her. [Then] one day she was moving around -- and I can read it in her face -- and I looked at her, and I said, "Are you having leg pain today?" And she almost had to stop and think, and said, "No . . . you know, I'm not." And it was almost like a curtain had been lifted, and her eyes got, like, as big as saucers. It was such a wonderful moment to see her kind of realizing: "Hey, this monkey that I've carried on my back for so long is now gone."

"Too busy to exercise." I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that from a client when we're setting up a program. It's amazing that we put so much priority onto gaining personal wealth and advancing our careers and getting material possessions that 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 40 minutes to do something that is probably the single most important thing they could do for themselves . . . I often say that if the president of the United States, whose day is scheduled to the exact minute -- his day is down to the T -- if he can find 30 minutes to work out, I mean, then you can.

-- Interview by Patricia Murret