"Mighty Joe" Young was on vacation last week in his birthplace, Shreveport, La., enjoying a break from a performing schedule that takes him all over the United States, Canada and Europe. He talked about how R&B makes him "feel real good and builds up in me," and his audiences like it because "it makes 'em happy -- they want to get up and dance." He conceded that the fans overseas are "really into it -- they don't talk while you're playing," but in the final analysis, "This is home."

Guitarist-vocalist Young will be at Desperado's Wednesday night playing what he describes as "big-city blues -- where all your rock comes from." His first job, back in the mid-'50s, was with Howlin' Wolf, and since then he has worked the blues-bar circuit playing Chicago clubs with names like the Rat Trap, White Stallion and Cougar, and playing in Lincoln, Neb., at the Zoo and at Cleveland's Smiling Dog. Then again, he has been known to turn up at Chicago's Sportsman's Lounge or in San Francisco's Orphanage. He has recorded for a number of labels including Alligator Records. As for where he'll be the night before this D.C. engagement, we thought you'd never ask: Baltimore's No Fish Today.