With Hollywood's summer, bloody summer of horror movies coming to an end, there's a team at work on the idea of a sequel to "Psycho," the late Alfred Hitchcock's classic psychological thriller.

And, if it's half as successful as the original, it will be a blockbuster. Hitchcock's tense, restrained 1960 shocker, produced on a budget of $800,000, grossed about $20 million back then, which translates into nearly $80 million at today's box-office prices.

Filming on "Psycho II, the Return of Norman Bates," is scheduled to begin early next year. Written by Gary Travis and Michael January and produced by Doc Erickson ("Urban Cowboy"), "Psycho II" is something of a frightful family reunion. Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles and Greg Meadows all reprise their original roles, and even John Gavin, now U.S. ambassador to Mexico, has a bit part of sorts: his photo sits on the dresser behind his widow, played by Miles.

The possibility of Janet Leigh returning in the sequel went down the drain in "Psycho's" famous shower scene, but the producers are looking at Jamie Lee Curtis, Leigh's daughter and alumnus of several of the current crop of horror flicks, to play Miles' daughter. (Stay away from that hot tub, Jamie!)