Can't get no satisfaction? Getting antsy waiting for those December concert dates to be announced? Well, the Rolling Stones will make an appearance next Wednesday and Thursday at the Psyche Delly at Bethesda: on videotape.

The two-hour program, titled "The Rolling Stones, through the past . . . darkly," will trace their career over the last 18 years. "There will be lots of early TV appearances, promo shorts, live concert footage, some interview clips and backstage scenes," says a spokesman for Number Nine, a local production company that has previously presented shows on the Doors, the Beatles and '60s rock. "It's mostly stuff people haven't seen before."

The Stones, of course, have been highly visible throughout their long career, but much of the audience is likely to be similar to that of the Doors, "younger people checking out what they never saw. With the Doors, people had such a wonderment about them and most people had never seen them in any form. The Stones are pretty familiar but nobody knew what the Doors were like in concert."

Film and video shows focusing on specific artists are becoming increasingly popular; Washington has recently shown video compilations on David Bowie, Bob Marley and Roxy Music. The video Stones will materialize twice a night at 8:30 and 11.