Chariots of Fire. British film about 1924 Olympic sprinters Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell, played by Ben Cross and Ian Charleson. With Dennis Christopher and Brad Davis in guest-starring bits as the American competitor. Directed by Hugh Hudson, from a script by Colin Welland.


In honor of the 800th birthday of St. Francis of Assisi, the Catholic University Orchestra and Chorus offers music by Martini, Liszt, Loeffler and Hindemith, 8 p.m. Monday at St. Matthew's Cathedral.

One of the world's great oratorios, Haydn's "The Creation," is performed by the Choral Arts Society, Saturday, 8:30 p.m. at the Kennedy Center.


With a hard bop style adapted to the organ, Jimmy Smith transformed that much-maligned instrument into a powerful jazz vehicle. At Blues Alley Tuesday through Sunday, he should also explore the medium-tempo funk/blues that made him a pop hit in the late '60s.

Southside Johnny Lyons and his Asbury Jukes always had a good time in New Jersey bars -- that's 'cause they could play the hard-hitting R 'n' B they grew up listening to on the radio. At American University tonight, Johnny's rich, bluesy voice will work out against the Jukes' fabled horn section, so good that Aretha Franklin just hired them for her next tour.

Three outstanding Washington tenor saxophonists -- the gritty Charlie Rouse, the exhilarating Buck Hill and the passionately eclectic Andrew White -- will play alone and together at the Department of Agriculture auditorium on Saturday.

The English Beat may be the best ska band in Britain. Their jagged, stop-and-go rhythms are more varied and accessible than the more familiar reggae. At the Ontario on Saturday, the spotlight will shift between Saxa's galvanizing saxophone and the band's social and political brinksmanship.


Evita -- The musical is about Eva Peron, but the real star is director Harold Prince, whose staging is dazzling. At the National Theatre.

Banjo Dancing -- Stephen Wade, player of banjos and teller of tall tales, is a charmer in this one-man show at Arena's Old Vat Room.


Narrative Wood at the Corcoran Gallery of Art: Four regional artists, all of whom work wood, are represented here by sophisticated folk art that charms -- but also jabs.

The Cubist Print at the National Gallery of Art: This scholarly exhibit, which goes on view today, includes all the Cubist prints of Braque and Picasso, and many more by others who followed where they led.