"Be prep-pared, that's the La Coste marching song . . ." No, that's not one of the selections on "The Preppy Album -- Greatest Hits," which settles instead for "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy" by the Tams, "Hey Baby" by Bruce Channell, and nine other preppy favorites. The album is the brainchild of Moe Hamilton, an Alexandria lawyer who confesses to being only 25 percent prep ("I went to St. Stephens for a year"). Hamilton used to spin discs as a student at the University of Virginia and later at law school at William and Mary, so he's certainly familiar with material that can inspire such classic prep dances as the Shag, the Pretzel and, of course, the Alligator.

"When the preppy phenomenon took off, I used my legal experience to check out copyrights and licensing, but got nowhere; people weren't interested in licensing to an individual." Hamilton hooked up with Columbia Special Products, which helped him produce the record on his own Alexandria-based Havana Tunes label. Hamilton, whose tastes "run to Little Feat," will soon be competing with himself (a classic preppy trait): He sold the concept to Suffolk Marketing (Slim Whitman, Boxcar Willie) and they already have their own 20-cut "Preppy Album" in several test markets around the country.