Allen Houser, the be-bop trumpeter and Washingtonian, is so dedicated to his art that he named his 3-month-old son, Morgan, after the late Lee Morgan, trumpet great of the '50s. Houser has played the major jazz clubs of D.C. and Baltimore, and his combo, with two albums out, was the inspiration in the early '70s for the late Rogue & Jar to go with jazz rather than folk music. A 10-day stint in St. Croix, Virgin Islands, last year convinced him that an audience for bop will materialize in just about any circumstance.

"We were playing a tune by Bird, and a middle-aged man ran up to the bandstand and called out 'Charlie Parker.' At the end of the number I went back to the bar and met him and his companions. They were off an oil tanker and had been out at sea listening to their jazz tapes. They bought the band drinks, they bought everybody in the club drinks, they wanted to hire the band for that evening. Every time we played a tune one of these guys would run up and shout the composer's name. It made our trip there."

Houser will perform, along with trumpeters Jimmy Ownes from New York and Kenny Reed of D.C., and Charlin Jazz Society's "Trumpet Summit" concern next Saturday, 8 p.m., at 7750 16th St. NW. For further information call 484-1697.