Autobiographical note: Lord Olivier of Brighton, Larry to his friends and colleagues, has completed a manuscript telling the story of his life. The book is characteristically modest, which does not please his British publisher, Weidenfeld, according to the London Observer. Discretion apparently does not sell books. They have asked Michael Korda at Simon and Schuster, the book's American publisher, to prevail upon the great actor to spice things up . . . Here is a snippet of the manuscript. Olivier on his fabled marriage to Vivien Leigh: "Vivien wanted us to be like brother and sister, but, fortunately occasional incest was allowed."

Albatross note: Since its opening, the Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center, has daunted the high hopes of a succession of artistic managers, including Joseph Papp. Built at a cost of $10 million, it was hoped that the Beaumont would become to theater what its Lincoln Center neighbor, the Met, is to opera. Not the least of the theater's problems has been the physical space itself. It is huge, acoustically difficult with notoriously bad sightlines. Now, under the direction of Richmond Crinkley, formerly of the Folger, the theater was closed last June for a total acoustic and architectural overhaul, price: $6.5 million. Architect I.M. Pei and acoustical consultant Cyril Harris were hired to head the renovation and hopes were high for the hall's salvage. Last Tuesday, citing the "limiting circumstances which do not permit the realization of the architectural solution that we envisioned," Pei pulled out of the project.