head fulla trips -- songs

wild, freak and beep

this is the poem I become --Greg Tate

Greg Tate will be the first of eight poets reading from their works today at d.c. space in a "Poetry Soiree" from 2 to 10 p.m. Tate, who will read to the accompaniment of the funk band I Signify, says that his "verbal bit is from reading superhero comics when I was a kid, 'cause the writers went out of their way to introduce a lot of polysyllabic words to the characters' vocabularies . . . A lot of my pieces are about music or the way in which the vocabulary common to the black musician tends to form its own kind of language."

"The New Black Poetry" is a fund-raiser for the Institute for the Preservation and Study of African-American Writing, Inc. Executive director Sheila Crider says that the 6-year-old organization was founded "principally to record, document and present to the public in entertaining format the literature of African-Americans. We're trying to make the soirees an annual thing, trying to make people come out to different areas of the city to support Washington-based writers." The others scheduled to read are: Bea McWhirter, Kwame Samuel Johnson, Issachar Sharon Douglas, Jonetta Barras, Crider and Phulani Davis. Avant-garde jazz reed player Oliver Lake will conclude the reading with some of his poems and perform two sets with the group Jump Up.