Singer Clint Holmes has fond memories of Washington: This is where he was stationed when in the Army, met and married his wife, got his professional start (at the Judge's Inn, Marquee Lounge and Hogate's) and had a million-selling single ("Playground in My Mind").

"For 10 years, all my professional activity was done out of Washington," says the man who used to be compared to Tom Jones in the early stages of hiis career. "But my agent said, 'You can't make it from Washington, you've got to be in Los Angeles,' so we decided to give it a shot and move out there."

That was three years ago, but Homes has found himself a frequent East Coast visitor. As an opening act for such comedians at Bill Cosby, Don Rickles and Joan Rivers, he "got lucky" and got in on the ground floor in Altantic City when it opened its gambling facilities.

This week, he'll be making his first local appearance since a free concert he gave at Carter Barron two years ago. This one will be at Charlie's, which he says is "a very different thing. I'd been looking for a place to perform, but I didn't want to do a lounge. A couple of weeks ago, I stopped in at Charlie's and they happened to have a spot open. I decided to try it even though it's a jazz club and what I do in Atlantic City is not really jazz . . . though I'm a lot more contemporary than most of the acts you'll see in those venues. I'm looking forward to a chance to do something a little different, to lay back and do a little more music." Holmes appears Tuesday through Sunday.