Ten of Washington's leading sculptors are trying to rise $5,000 to pay for the shipment of their works -- and themselves -- to the 12th International Sculpture Conference which begins Aug. 6 in Oakland, Calif.

Though $1,750 has already been contributed by private sponsors, the rest, it is hoped, will be forthcoming in a fund-raiser the artists have organized for Tuesday eveing from 6 to 9 at Herb's Restaurant, 211 P St. NW. "A $5 donation will get you cut-rate drinks at happy hour prices, free hors d'oeuvres, and a slide presentation on the sculpture," says Hirshhorn curator Howard Fox, who selected the 25 works for the conference-endorsed show.

"The support we've gotten so far has been exciting," added Fox, "particularly that of Artransport owner Robert Lennon, who is providing a truck at cost, and will front the transportation money for us."

"But it costs $3,600 round trip just to rent the truck and pay for gas," says Holly Block, who with art writer Scott Lucas has undertaken to raise funds for the group. Artists John Van Alstine and Nizette Brennan are scheduled to leave today with the truckload of sculpture, which will be shown from Aug. 3 to 28 at Fine Arts Resources in San Francisco.

The other artists participating are Walter Kravitz, Chris Gardner, Henry Schoebel, V.V. Rankine, Rackne Krebs, Jeff Spaulding, Alan Stone and Yuriko Yamagucki.