In the last year, Cathy Fink has learned the business end of concert booking. The Washington folk singer has made her living as a performing artist for almost a decade, but she recently started booking the monthly concerts for the Folklore Society of Greater Washington, the largest such organization in America.

"I try to find people who are available, affordable and interesting," she says. Fink has a built-in advantage from having lived and performed in Canada for seven years (as a duo with Duck Donald) "and seeing a lot of people at folk festivals who have never been through Washington, like Eritage," a stunning French-Canadian that appeared here last spring. On Thursday, she'll give a solo concert at the House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park.

Fink, who has a predeliction for old-time music, performs regularly in metropolitan area elementary schools and at kids' concerts; she also has a "family concert" album, "I'm Gonna Tell," recorded with Donald and poet Peter Paul Van Camp and put out on her own record label (Likeable Records).

Titled "Doggone My Time" (from a classic Aunt Emmy song called "Cat's Got the Measles and the Dog's Got the Whooping Cough"), "one side is solo and sounds exactly like I sound in a concert -- a lot of singing, and I play guitar, fiddle and banjo. The second side is with a band I use a lot -- Mike Stein and Brian Smith."

Fink will also perform at Sunday's Takoma Park Folk Festival with several dozen of her neighbors.