Having tickled Washington film audiences since 1971 with such slapstick comedies as "Alcoholics Unanimous," "Intestines From Space" and "Curse of the Atomic Greasers," The Travesty Group (a.k.a. the Langley Punks) has decided to pollute the record world with "Teen Comedy Party," a Firesign Theatre-style album of what they call "high fidelity humor." It comes complete with a sticker warning of a subliminal satanic message.

"We're doing our part to rot the minds of American youth," says Dave Nuttycombe, the "head" writer. "We've destroyed their vision with the films and now we'll ruin their hearing, I guess." Actually, much of the album's humor is benign: parodies of commercials ("Famous Truckdriver's School of Songwriting"), radio programs ("Strange But False"), instructional records ("How to Make It With Beautiful Babes") and the like.

One cut, "Rock and Roll Doctor," has already become a hit via the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento show. "Apparently all the strange people who listen to Dr. Demento were calling up and requesting it . . . He's putting it out on his record, which is coming out in November."

The album, recorded in one long afternoon at Musifex Studios in Arlington, also features the last recording by the Grammy Award-winning Starland Vocal Band before its breakup.

What's next for Travesty? A 30-minute television special for Storer Cable. Says Nuttycombe, "We owe something to just about everybody: The films have been ripping off the Three Stooges for years and now we're ripping off Firesign in the audio world. Maybe the TV show will rip off . . . Ozzie and Harriet?"