"What I'm doing is different from all-l-l-l the organ players in the country," asserts Richard (Groove) Holmes. "I'm doing something that no organ players are doing at all--playing all the funk bass lines and solos at the same time. It's very awesome, very hard, like writing to your mother with your left hand and to your girlfriend with the right. It's an altogether different thing--instead of a straight 4/4, this is a syncopated thing."

Holmes, who will be in residence with his trio at Mr. Y's next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, has one of the strongest bass lines around as it is. So his new sound might indeed be, as he avers, awesome to hear. He will backed up by his traveling companions, guitarist Gerald Smith and drummer Don Scott who is, incidentally, the son of organist Shirley Scott.

Although the self-taught and left-handed Holmes tours the country coast to coast, he has not played Washington for four or five years. He is preparing for an overseas trip that will take the trio to Germany and West Africa, and he is thinking about visiting Japan, where his records are big. Asked how his nickname came about he explained: "The music that I play always kept a dancing groove. My fans put the name on me. It's about 20 years I've had it."