Typecasting Note: Inevitable is a word that comes to mind after Variety's report that Richard Attenborough, on the heels of "Gandhi's" success, is pitching another bio-epic to Columbia. His subject? The minister of propaganda for the American Revolution, Tom Paine. His projected star: Ben Kingsley, who is currently the odds-on favorite to win the Best Actor Oscar this year for his embodiment of the Mahatma . . . Crossover Note: Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis is currently a hot figure on the jazz scene, but come June listeners will be able to catch another side of his talent. That is the release date of a recording he just finished of trumpet concertos by Papa Haydn and Mozart's papa (Leopold) . . . The Rill Thing Note: Those of you who remember the glory days of the Newport Folk Festival and the folk revival of the early '60s will remember the name of Elizabeth Cotten. Cotten turned 90 on Friday . . . Sequel Note: The film "Airplane II: the Sequel" is doing well this Christmas season in spite of a disclaimer by the original "Airplane's" creators. According to California magazine, David and Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams, who made the original, had their public relations firm circulate a statement that they had no connection to the film. Abrahams told the magazine he had no intention of seeing the flick. "If you had a daughter and she turned out to be a prostitute," he said, "would you go out and watch her work?"