The Flying Karamazov Brothers, the Obie Award-winning practitioners of the art of metaphysical juggling, developed a large and loyal following during their two engagements here. Now they are taking a giant step, leaving their act behind and undertaking Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors" at Chicago's Goodman Theater.

For the most part they adhere to the Bard's text. However, the play is set in a style and period that is distinctly Karamazovian: medieval street-fair crossbred with contemporary Northern California hip. In addition to the four brothers, 11 of the 15 remaining cast members also juggle. They also tap dance, twirl batons, ride unicycles and fly on trapezes. And add a scene or two.

The result: a hit. "The 'Comedy of Errors' is an irresistible peace of theatrical invention . . ." said the Chicago Tribune.

The trappings of regional theater success now surround the production. Producer Bernie Gersten and representatives of the ubiquitous Shuberts have been to see the show with an eye toward taking it to New York. There are also discussions with various television outlets. A spokesman for the theater said there was a better than 50-50 chance that the Flying Brothers K would have a continued life after its Windy City engagement.