Kathie Martin of the Hubcaps is one of the few women in the rock 'n' roll revival business. The Hubcaps, who will appear at the '50s oriented Club Soda on Saturday, are a 10-year-old southern Maryland band whose elaborate show emphasizes the early days of rock 'n' roll. "Really, when you think strictly '50s, there weren't that many women out with records," Martin points out. "It was really more the early '60s, and of course I do a lot of those songs."

Martin, who performs in pigtails and saddle shoes, also plays the saxophone--in fact, that was her entree into the band two years ago. "When their original sax player left, they needed me; I don't think they would have hired a female if I couldn't play some instrument." Now, she's not only a featured vocalist, but doubles at times on piano, guitar and bass.

The Hubcaps' show turns back the bands of time, and features seven vocalists reviving an era when cars were big and gas was cheap. Although it's been around for a decade and is huge in the Delmarva region, the group only recently started playing in Washington, where clubs (and their stages) have simply been too small. "We do a rather energetic floor show, and we need the room," Martin says.

The girl in the band says her fellow-players are "great. We're like a family. Matter of fact, I'm engaged to one of them." Martin will marry bassist Willie Farrell June 19, a nice coda for one of the classic songs the Hubcaps perform--the Monotones' "Book of Love."