None of it looks much like the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

But if funds can be found, visitors to next summer's Louisiana World Exposition in New Orleans will find lots of new water sculpture to splash in. Or on. Or near.

Such as a pool filled by tears from the eyes of a giant sculptured head, for example.

Or a floating restaurant shaped like a duck.

These proposals--both from the French artist team of Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne--are but two of the 10 projects selected after a year-long International Water Sculpture Competition that elicited 472 imaginative entries from 32 countries.

An international jury of art experts selected the winners, among them Anne and Patrick Poirier from France and Louisiana's own Lynda Benglis, who has proposed a dramatic wave of bronze sweeping over spurting jets of water.

All together, $1 million is being sought--$125,000 per project--from sponsors who will become the owners of the works after the fair closes Nov. 11, 1984. "Corporations can take them to their headquarters, or private donors can take them home or turn them into a tax-deductible gift to their favorite charity," says the exposition's Washington consultant, Lee Kimche. For those who don't have corporations, big yards or favorite charities, the city of New Orleans has said it would be happy to keep them all--as tax-deductible gifts, of course.